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Light and Matter -Two Sides of the Same Coin, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne (UK), 2024, Pages:150

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With an opinionated and irreverent tone, the author debunks most of the current theories in the field of modern physics, appealing to the scientific method and common sense. At the same time, in strict compliance with the already known experimental evidence, he proposes his own version of the facts, aimed at rationalizing and unifying the various aspects in which the nature that surrounds us manifests itself. The result is a possible model of the universe where events are all connected by a common thread, even if distributed on different scales, ranging from the subatomic to that of galaxies. In this perspective, in the middle, the living cell profits from a substrate and a habitat that have favoured its very existence. Reading of this book does not require any advanced scientific knowledge and is therefore accessible to non-experts, provided they are equipped with the necessary dose of eccentricity that allows them to appreciate these provocative pages.

TABLE OF CONTENTS: Introduction – Warning – References – 1. Water Crystals – 2. Let’s Turn the Omelette – 3. Electric Donuts – 4. Fixed Stars – 5. Raw Material – 6. Particles and Nuclei – 7. Electromagnetic Tingling – 8. Living Matter – 9. Large Spaces – 10. Philosophical Implications – 11. Technical Appendix

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Polynomial Approximation of Differential Equations, Lecture Notes in Physics, Volume 8, Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg 1992, p. X+303.

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TABLE OF CONTENTS: 1. Special families of polynomials – 2. Orthogonality – 3. Numerical integration – 4. Transforms – 5. Functional spaces – 6. Results in approximation theory – 7. Derivative Matrices – 8. Eigenvalue analysis – 9. Ordinary differential equations – 10. Time-dependent problems – 11. Domain-decomposition methods – 12. Examples – 13. An example in two dimensions

Spectral Elements for Transport-Dominated Equations, Lecture Notes In Computational Science and Engineering, Volume 1, Springer-Verlag, New York 1997, p. X+212

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TABLE OF CONTENTS: 1. The Poisson equation in the square – 2. Steady transport-diffusion equations – 3. Other kinds of boundary conditions – 4. The spectral element method – 5. Time discretization – 6. Extensions – A. Appendix

Electromagnetism and the Structure of Matter, World-Scientific, Singapore, 2008, xii+190

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TABLE OF CONTENTS: 1. Something is wrong with classical electromagnetism – 2. First steps towards the new model – 3. Interaction of waves with matter – 4. The equations in the framework of general relativity – 5. Building matter from fields – 6. Final speculative considerations



From Photons to Atoms, The Electromagnetic Nature of Matter World-Scientific, Singapore, 2019, xii + 282

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TABLE OF CONTENTS: 1. The world of photons – 2. The subatomic environment – 3. The constituents of matter – 4. Appendices


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